My name’s Mariana Sala, a busy mum of 2, owner of Quantum Vis cafe & creator of Miss Keto meals. This is my little corner where I’d like to share what works for me on a clean keto life, recipes, wellness, nutrition & stress-management.

Have you noticed a significant increase in pre-made meals demand during the last two years? You may have also noticed that there is a wider selection of healthier options available. Frozen keto meals delivered is one of the most Google searched phrases in the industry.

There is no doubt that confronting a worldwide virus has made New Zealanders put more emphasis on health & nutrition. But why is this “ready cooked meals” phenomenon steadily growing? 

Here are some reasons to consider…

Frozen gourmet meals ready for you when you most need them!

When you have so many ‘hats to wear’ a premade meal is your best friend

Without doubt the role we play in society these days is increasingly busier and the responsibilities varied, compared to centuries ago. We are now independent full-time workers as well as Mums, Dads, wives, husbands, business owners. The list goes on and on.

What’s interesting is that even though there is alot to juggle, people still genuinely want to eat well & take care of their bodies.  The “no-cooking” “no-fuss” “no cleaning” cliches sound familiar but are nothing more than a relevant reflection of our need to better manage our busy lives and varied day-to-day responsibilities.

Full-time working mums is a common scene these days

Exhaustion and poor time management can result in unhealthy food choices. A ready-made meal can become your saviour.

Organising your week in advance is proven to help manage stress & our busy schedules. If we plan our meals for the week, we are potentially avoiding bingeing on unhealthy food options when we are tired and under-prepared. However, convenient & pre-made isn’t enough for the average consumer any longer. 

Food shoppers are way more aware of the use of ‘nasties’ in convenient meals and that explains why the word “ready-to-eat” has had a dubious reputation in the past.. 

Lately there has been a shift in food awareness and nutrition knowledge and this is what has led to an emerging and exciting gap in the market.  ‘Gluten-free’, ‘non-GMO’, ‘low carb’ and sugar-free are common dietary terms to the average consumer like you and me. . 

So..yes! If you want to prepare yourselves for a busy week ahead & find your favourite meal brand that ticks all the dietary boxes for you, there seems to be no better idea than to place an order on their website, get the meals delivered to your door or even become a weekly subscriber! 

Not a master in the kitchen? Then a delicious gourmet pre-made meals will become your most loyal and valuable ally

‘Foodie’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘expert in the kitchen’. Some of us just don’t have the ability or time to turn nutritious ingredients into a beautiful gourmet meal. Or maybe we just don’t want to, it doesn’t rock our world! This doesn’t mean that we are not interested in food choices made from whole-foods.

Connecting with a premade meal food brand that offers you a combination of nutrition & taste makes so much sense. You can treat your friends and family with a bit of help from a well-known reliable brand. 

Healthy & Frozen is still healthy

What if I tell you that you can have nutritious, healthy, tasty & convenient heat-and-eat meals in your freezer using minimally processed preservative-free ingredients? You will probably be interested to know more, am I right?

The availability of frozen healthy meal options is a rising trend in the current New Zealand market. This has developed out of extended repeated isolation periods and the restricted access to our normal food shopping or dining experiences. Now that life is starting to establish a “new normal”, the benefits of these heat-and-eat meals convenience, taste and nourishment remain.

Miss Keto meals are a healthy tasty option for all the family!

When you add keto to the convenient time-saving elements of these pre-made meals, its bonus time!

Lately there are a growing number of stereotypes or misconceptions around what keto means. However, when you search for its definition you find a very simple explanation: “ketogenic is a term for a low-carb diet. The idea is for you to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates”. OK…is that is?

No! I believe low-carb keto whole foods are beneficial for everybody. Keto whole foods (minimally processed) are anti-inflammatory by nature. They help regulate your digestive system, reduce blood sugar & insulin levels in turn helping you function at your optimum level – fully focused and energised! Sounds good right? So let me help you start the journey… 

Introducing my Miss Keto frozen meal range. These keto-friendly meals are handmade by my very own professional chefs using whole ingredients without preservatives. They are also gluten free and contain no added sugar! Family-friendly low-carb pies, soups and curries ready for you to whip out of the freezer when you most need them!  Oven, microwave and air fryer safe, these meals are super convenient, tasty and healthy. Sure to put a smile on your face, save you lots of time & provide you with nourishment & joy! 

To find out more and order some today visit

Frozen keto-friendly meals delivered to your door. Stock your freezer today!