Nothing gets us quite as excited as healthy food that’s also super tasty and convenient. When our customers at Café Quantum Vis Eatery told us that they would love to find more keto friendly options in our frozen meal selection, they were talking our language. 

QV owner and Miss Keto founder Mariana Sala believes in locally produced, free-range produce and knows that feeding your body with only goodness has huge benefits. But she also knows that eating healthy, staying focused on wellness, and looking after yourself isn’t easy when you live a busy life. 

When Mariana switched to a Keto friendly diet herself, she noticed that it worked much better for her than any other diet she had tried. As a busy working mum of two, she needs all the energy she can muster. There’s no time in her day to count carbs and macros or measure all ingredients.  

She does know that always choosing whole foods and cutting out sugar from her diet while upping the healthy fats has been the best thing she’s ever done for her own health, and that’s what she and her team of amazing chefs want to share with you!

Going Keto is not only about weight loss. That’s just a bonus. Choosing Miss Keto over processed fast foods and other unhealthy convenience meals means eating right. You’ll give yourself the opportunity to feel and function at your absolute best!